A downloadable game for Windows

A short game about outrunning the expanse of the Universe.

Made during the OST-Jam Vol.2


Your dream is to out-run the ever expanding universe. To do that you need to harvest the power of blue suns using sci-fi stuff and a bit of your imagination.

The goal is to catch up with the expanding asteroid sphere.
You have blue pickups that speed you up and red pickups that will slow you down.

Tip: You can collect multiple blue pickups in a short time to gain a significant speed-boost.

Sometimes you will find cassette tapes. With those you can unlock additional music that you can change during the game.


Steer ship direction
W, A, S, D
Move up/down left/right
Q, ERotate ship left/right
Space, Ctrl
Hover ship up/down
Arrow Up, Arrow Down
Adjust Volume
Arrow Left, Arrow Right
Change music

Music Info:

  • Diamond Dissolving - Chaos in a Can
  • Caiou - *̶1̶1̶3̷0̷.̶3̶0̴3̴4̸_̶/̶_̶d̶e̴s̵o̸r̷d̴e̴m̵%̸%̷
  • Possums At Twilight - a train back to
  • 2a03fox - hello heatdeath
  • B_Rand0_J - Unbound
  • lunarya - anime girl explains what entropy means (ASMR)(EDUCATIONAL) (8D AUDIO)
  • amphobius - Recovered File
  • Lincolnpepper - Entropy Djent
  • Corell - Melting Ice Cubes
  • madbrain - WORLD STAGE CHAOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsWunizio, Moustaicho
Made withUnity
Tagsentropy, ost-jam, Short, Space, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


EntropicVoid.zip 80 MB

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